"Savor the exquisite taste of Kaju Paneer Masala! Delight in the combination of creamy cashews and paneer in a delectable Indian curry." 

Kaju Panner Masala

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Is Kaju Masala healthy?

Yes, Cashew curry is healthy, but restricted to some. What's good in this Cashew Curry recipes! 

Is Shahi Paneer sweet or spicy?

one such easy, simple and rich creamy based sauce curry is the shahi paneer masala known for its mild and sweet taste. as i mentioned in my previous paragraph, this recipe is a mild or less spicy paneer based curry. as the name suggests, shahi which means royal due to the use of cream in it 

Which Shahi Paneer Masala is best?

Roopak Masala is one of the most popular brands that prepares authentic north Indian cuisine masalas. This brand from Old Delhi has retained the quality and flavour since its inception 

What is paneer butter masala made of?

Paneer butter masala, also known as butter paneer is a rich & creamy curry made with paneer, spices, onions, tomatoes, cashews and butter. As the name denotes, the curry is cooked in butter which imparts it's characteristic buttery flavor to the dish 

Does cashew increase sperm count?

Cashew nuts are rich in zinc which is essential to improve sperm count in males and fertility chances. Also, regular intake of cashew may help control weight and diabetes which increases male fertility drastically