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a meal eaten in the middle of the day, typically one that is lighter or less formal than an evening meal.

"do join us for lunch" 

eat lunch.

"he told his wife he was lunching with a client"

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What is lunch time food?

It is traditionally a substantial hot meal, sometimes with additional courses like soup and dessert. It is usually a savoury dish, consisting of protein (such as meat), starchy foods (such as potatoes), and a vegetable or salad. It is usually eaten around 2:00 pm 

What is lunch word?

a light midday meal between breakfast and dinner; luncheon. any light meal or snack. 

What is the full word for lunch?

C16: probably short form of luncheon. 

What time is lunch noon?

12-hour clock



11:00 a.m.


11:59 a.m.


Noon 12 noon 12:00 p.m.


12:01 p.m.


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What are the types of lunch food?

What is lunch menu example?

What is a lunch menu?

Why is it called lunch time?

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Category: Food & Drink

lunch: (1/1/04 - 2/23/23, India)







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