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Experience freshness on the go with Salad and Go! Enjoy delicious and wholesome salads for a quick and healthy meal option. Book online order

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Who owns Salad and Go?

Tony Christofellis and his wife started the Salad and Go drive-thru chain, and now, they're opening a series of drive-thru restaurants serving lobster rolls.

Why is salad to go so cheap?

The drive-thru model is what largely allows the chain to keep prices low, Christofellis said. Since the 650-square-foot locations don't have interior seating, Salad and Go has low operational costs, and as a result it can keep its salads under $6. Check it out

Is Salad and Go only in AZ?

Locations. Salad and Go currently has more than 85 stores operating across four states: Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Nevada. Salad and Go was established in Arizona, where its first location opened in Gilbert in 2013.

Who is the CEO of Salad and Go?

Charlie Morrison - Chief Executive Officer - Salad and Go | LinkedIn.

Is salad safe to buy?

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Does salad give real money?

Is salad actually good?

Is salad free to use?

Is using salad legal?

Is salad a mining app?

Can you use salad in India?

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Category: Food & Drink

Salad: (1/1/04 - 3/21/23, India)



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Category: Food & Drink

Salad: (1/1/04 - 3/21/23, India)


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