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 Restaurant Serving Indian Food | Welcoming Indian Restaurant | High-Quality Indian Food. Indian Dishes Prepared Fresh Each Day at Our Restaurant in Madhapur. Visit Us! Our Indian Restaurant Has a Wide Variety of Affordable Indian Food for Everyone.The Taste of Rajasthan restaurant in Madhapur Hyderabad india top selling food items are Veg Thali,Dal Batti Churma,Plain Phulka,Cholle Bhature,Rajasthani Thali,Punjabi Thali,Ghee Phulka,Aloo Paratha,Paneer Butter Masala and Kaju Paneer Masala. Online order link Indian restaurant, in recipe food, order online biryani, Chinese and Rajasthani from Taste of Rajasthan. Online link The Taste of Rajasthan restaurant in Madhapur Hyderabad Telangana India loves Fashion, beauty, animals, transportation, food, drinks, visual arts, travel, sports, science, tech, relationships, games, TV, movies, home, garden, business and  education. Taste of Rajasthan restaurant is better in all aspects in thali section as compared to Haldiram Restaurant a great brand house 🏠.  Taste of Rajasthan restaurant is offering 60% discount on swiggy. Haldiram is offering 50% discount on swiggy. Taste of Rajasthan restaurant is very transparent in business as it has specificed how much ML you will get in each item of thali whereas Haldiram has not specificed. More review by people as Taste  of Rajasthan restaurant is selling more thalis then Haldiram. Quantity of food items are more in Taste of Rajasthan restaurant thali as compared to Haldiram thali as mentioned on swiggy. If people are not satisfied they can compared Taste of Rajasthan restaurant with Haldiram in thali section on swiggy Taste of Rajasthan 

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Many restaurants have started to open in the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN but the walk in is very less.If you sell your dishes through Zomato, Swiggy or Dunzo website then they charge 25% of commission. So in hand we get only 75% of the amount of the bill plus that to after one week. 

Restaurant Rajasthani - The Taste of Rajasthan 

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Our bathroom entrance doors will be left open where possible to allow for ventilation.

Hand sanitizer will be available in all guest bathrooms.

We ask our guests to adhere to social distancing guidelines when using the bathrooms.

The disabled bathrooms are self-contained and allow for social distancing.


We will offer table service once we start dine in. For the time being no dine in ,but we are in the process of opening the restaurant for dine in as soon as possible..

Our team will set the tables once the guests have arrived but before they are seated.

We have reduced the need for paper menus. Disposable paper menus will be available on request.

Food will be placed on tables as quickly as possible, to limit the amount of time the team are within 1 metre of our guests.

Cash payment will be reduce as far as possible. Payment will be credit or debit card only.


We will provide hand sanitizing stations at the entrance to all of our restaurants for the use of guests as they enter the restaurant

We have conducted a full risk assessment of the size and configuration of our restaurants and have adjusted the floor plans to facilitate social distancing, in accordance with Government guidelines.

Guests will be asked to adhere to the latest Government guidelines relating to face masks.

Guests from the same household will be able to sit together on the same table.

Where possible one-way routes will operate 


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