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What do PC Gamers like to game in (in terms of clothing)?

As mentioned in other answers, comfort always comes first.

I preferably like to wear something that will ensure I don’t boil so I can think clearly (I feel really sick when it’s just a little bit too hot for me), but is warm enough to not have chills down my spine messing up my arm movement (annoying when playing FPS games or osu!). Most of the time it is a combination of fluffy socks, t-shirt and shorts that are sometimes replaced by sweat pants in winter. I am warm most of the time with the exception of feet hence fluffy socks. If I know no one is coming over, I will not wear an underwear because it’s more comfortable for me.

When there is a party at my house, that’s a different story. T-shirt, hoodie, pair of jeans, normal socks. Something that feels comfortable enough for me to play decently, but looks normal enough that people do not think I’m some weirdo who has a ‘gaming outfit’. I often take the hoodie off when the game gets intense, but it still looks normal.

I guess that everyone will wear something different because comfort is more of a personal matter.

When I’m gaming, I’m dressed in a way that looks like I’m about to have sexy time:

Yet, I’m actually about to enter imaginary worlds where I can kill, plunder and conquer.

I dress like this because I live in a hot, humid climate, and I use an ASUS ROG laptop that emits a lot of heat. Any gamer will tell you that when we’re gaming, comfort comes first!

You guessed it. I HATE wearing pants. No matter the season, I never wear pants when I’m at home. During the winter, and let me tell you that the Danish winter sucks major ass, it’s cold as fuck, but I refuse to wear that constricting piece of fabric. FREEDOM! Babyrage

So, what I wear is a t-shirt (and since winter is approaching, I wear a sweater), no bra because fuck bras, a pair of nice warm socks and underpants. Since it’s on my body, I’ll mention that I wear glasses too.

Seriously, I hate pants.


If I come home from school I will just play in my uniform.

If I am wearing casual clothes, I'll wear that.

If I'm just in boxers and a t shirt sure I'll play like that.

What I'll never do, it play without socks. My hands get cold and start shaking (which messes up my aim).

I will never play with a shirt off either, it feels the same as not wearing a shirt while wearing a seatbelt (with my chair).

If I game, no matter if computer or console, I usually dress in comfy clothes. Sweat pants, t-shirt, no bra (important!) and fluffy socks. Depending on what how hot it is, I may wear shorts and a tank top, or add a sweater or a blanket for extra comfort. Especially in winter I like to burrito myself in my violet, fluffy blanket.

In the summer, I like something loose and comfortable. Usually lightweight cotton lounge pants and a baggy t-shirt. During colder months, my favorite clothes to game in would be this (though mine is a lighter blue):It’s a blue velour tracksuit that my mom bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It’s fuzzy on both the inside and outside, and is probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn in my life. I’m wearing the pants right now, in fact.

I like to wear jeans, and a shirt, or a shirt with a jacket…

Honestly, people ask weird questions, I’m not sure if I speak for every PC gamer, but most people just wear what they’re wearing at the moment they launch the game, also, I’m pretty sure console gamers do the same… right? Or do they just wear a shirt that says “I’m a filthy console peasant?”

When I’m playing EVE Online it’s usually while sat on my sofa, on a computer that’s on/under my coffee table. So, if the gameplay is not too intense (e.g. asteroid mining, trading, etc.), I can watch TV at the same time, and if it is quite intense (e.g. mission running, combat, etc.), I can run my second client on the TV (50″ HD, which makes EVE look even more awesome).

Either way, I’m usually wearing ‘lounge pants’ and a T-shirt )

I’m assuming someone's birthday is coming up?

Well, If you can find out what games they like and find some shirts or jackets or something related to that game, then you gamer subject will probably be happy. We gamers love our merchandise. Otherwise we like normal human clothes because we are normal humans too.

PC gamers mostly prefer to have some kind of cloth while gaming.

Be it a tuxedo or a handkerchief on the crotch.

But I always prefer wearing shorts as it channelizes the heat generated while moving in the game. And when I'm playing a war based game, I always wear an imperial armor along with my shorts.

But as a beginner you should always wear what your mom asks you to!

Hope that helped.

Game on!

Most gamers get in the game wearing custom hoodies, shirts and game inspired clothing.

Most especially from the game wear

Hoodies like this

It depends.

When I come home from work I will play in whatever I wore to work, if I wearing khakis or something to work that day then I will change to sweats.

If I play on weekend I usually wear sweats and a T-Shirt. Being cozy helps me focus on the game. Lol I never really thought of this before today

Whatever I happen to be wearing!

If you see me on the street, 99.99999% of the time I will be wearing a T-shirt, denim jeans, and either Vans or Asics. So that’s what I’m usually wearing whenever I’m gaming.

But if, for example, I just came home from a formal event, and will be going to another one later that day, then I’ll probably sit down at my computer wearing black pants, a white button-up shirt, a tie, and a suit jacket.

I never even realized before reading this question that anybody would dress differently from normal for gaming.

Fun Question! I’ve never actually thought about “Wearing” something to game.

So whatever I’m in I game in…I tend to after work get into shorts and a T shirt but I’d do this if I was just watching TV/Movies, so it’s not like some planned thing.

Say I’m gaming before work then I’m wearing my “work cloths”, After then I’m wearing my relaxing cloths. About to retire to bed then I’m wearing my bed cloths

I have an absolutely gross sweatshirt with a fluffy lining. It’s awful. BUT, it’s also incredibly warm (nice for cold winter days spent in my gaming room, which is not the warmest of places).

What type of clothing do gamers wear?

Gamers wear the type of clothing that fits them comfortably, that has the colors and patterns that they like, in the style that they like and that fits the season.

There is no gamer uniform. I am a gamer. I wear business casual clothing to work. I may or may not change when I get home and sit down to my gaming. If I do change, it might be to some sort of comfy loungewear or sweats and a t-shirt.

Basically on what I have observed, girl and guy gamers alike usually are seen wearing:

-skinny to baggy jeans


-flat bill baseball caps

-Gaming headphones

-movie/concert t shirts

-fake or real glasses

so, basically the typical teenager wardrobe! If you're trying to pull of the gamer look, I suggest looking on Pinterest or in fashion magazines for advice! hope this helps!

I play without pants and a t shirt.

Basically….. gamers have no specific clothing! Were not any different compared to a non gamer! Don't believe me? Watch any twitch streamer and you will find most of them are wearing casual clothing. The only exception are virtual streamers and dr. disrespect.

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