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22 Our culinary artisans take pride in presenting you with Rajasthani dishes that are a true work of art – a masterpiece on your

 A vibrant collage of traditional Rajasthani dishes.

 A vibrant collage of traditional Rajasthani dishes.

Chef's hands garnishing a dish with fresh herbs.

Chef's hands garnishing a dish with fresh herbs.

Traditional kitchen with chefs cooking

 Array of colorful Rajasthani dishes.

Plate beautifully presented as a work of art.

A map of Rajasthan with iconic landmarks and dishes.

Collage of various Rajasthani dishes.

Sand dunes at sunset in Rajasthan.

Traditional Rajasthani dancers performing.

Fresh vegetables and spices on display.

Montage of different Rajasthani dishes.

Lavishly decorated Rajasthani dining hall.

Chef presenting a dish in the kitchen.

Extravagantly set table in a palace.

Storybook with Rajasthani motifs and dishes.

People celebrating a Rajasthani festival.

Rustic kitchen scene with traditional utensils.